Welcome to our campaigns page. These initiatives are designed to bring people together through the power of art. We provide with your help, arts & crafts materials to local community in needs. We also, with our collaborators help, offer education, events and workshops.

  • Arts & Crafts for Women Shelters in the Ottawa Region, Art Therapy, Craft Therapy

    Arts & Crafts Materials for Women Shelter of Ottawa and Prescott-Russell

    Women shelters serve as sanctuaries for women and their families who are escaping domestic violence, homelessness, or other challenging circumstances. Artistic expression can offer solace and empowerment. This is why we are working to provide arts and crafts materials to these shelters.

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  • Traverlling pillow campaign, arts & crafts non-profit, art therapy, art ottawa, arts & crafts embrun Ontario

    Threads of Hope: Embroidery Pillowcases

    Campaign dedicated to bringing comfort and joy to those in need through the art of embroidered pillowcases. Our mission is to uplift spirits and create a sense of home for individuals and families residing in shelters.

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  • Random Art of Kindness

    We believe in ripple effect and how small actions can have far-reaching consequences. In the context of doing random acts of kindness through art, this idea can be incredibly powerful.

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We are working toward greater awareness of the importance of inclusive activities in fostering connection. We aim to make arts & crafts accessible to many communities as possible.