Our initiatives are designed to bring people together through the transformative power of art. Here, we highlight the incredible work of individuals and groups who use art as a tool to connect with communities and support others in their healing journey.

  • Arts & Crafts for Women Shelters in the Ottawa Region, Art Therapy, Craft Therapy

    Creative Women Shelters

    Empowering women through creative expression and providing a safe space for healing.

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  • Arts & Crafts for Accessibility in the Ottawa Region, Art Therapy, Craft Therapy

    Artistic Accessibility Advocates

    Promoting inclusive art practices to ensure everyone, regardless of ability, can participate and enjoy.

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  • Local Creative Centres

    Community hubs offering resources, workshops, and events to nurture local talent and creativity.

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  • Artistic Coffee Shops

    Unique spaces where art and coffee culture merge to create vibrant, inspiring environments.

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  • Local Artists

    Showcasing the diverse talents of artists within our community and supporting their creative endeavors.

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  • Art Galleries

    Highlighting curated collections that inspire and provoke thought, while celebrating artistic achievements.

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Whether through painting, music, dance, or other creative expressions, these spotlighted efforts showcase the profound impact art can have on building connections and fostering well-being.